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Directors Caught plundering YNH Property assets worth RM 422 Million

YNH Property Bhd Directors caught plundering assets worth RM 422 Million in a scam transaction to sell the company's two primary income-producing assets undervalue to the YU Syndicate-controlled company, ALX Asset Berhad. Leaked documents reveal the alleged fraudulent scheme.

YU Syndicate Axes ALX Directors YNH Property is caught Red-Handed

YU Syndicate's leaders replace exposed directors at ALX Assets after being caught in a scandal involving YNH Property Bhd & Rapid Synergy Bhd.

Rapid Synergy Deceives Malaysia Security Commission in a Botched Cover-Up

YU KUAN CHON, Director of Rapid Synergy Bhd, tricks Malaysia Security Commission in a botched cover-up of indirect shareholdings. CHAN WENG FUI, a connected party, has undisclosed substantial shares in the company.